The six members of the SFUO Executive are elected to represent the 35 000 undergraduates at the University of Ottawa.

Hadi Wess

613-562-5800 ext. 4061

Hadi, the President of the SFUO, has an obligation to support and assist the other five members of the Executive. Hadi’s portfolio includes the Student of the Month Scholarship Program, the Student Refugee Program, UOSERT, and all matters pertaining to RGN. In addition, Hadi sits on the SFUO Board of Administration and chairs the Policy and By-Law Committee and the Student Experience Committee. As President, Hadi chairs the round table comprised of the Presidents of the 28 Federated Bodies. He is also responsible for the Federation’s relations with all levels of government.


Rizki Rachiq

Vice President, Finance
613-562-5800 ext. 4070

As the VP Finance, Rizki holds a portfolio that ranges from HR to financial planning. In fact, Rizki serves as the head of the SFUO HR Department, which oversees all employees of the Federation. Rizki is responsible for the Health Plan, which provides health insurance for the student body. The four SFUO businesses — Pivik, 1848, Café Alt, and the Agora — are all under his supervision. In addition, Rizki is in charge of the Federation’s budget and the SFUO Accounting Department. Last but not least, Rizki sits on the SFUO Board of Administration, where he acts as Chair of the Finance Committee.


Kathryn LeBlanc

Vice President, Services & Communications
613-562-5800 ext. 4072

As the VP Services and Communications, Kathryn manages five Service Centres and promotes the SFUO to the student body. Her five Services are the Food Bank, Foot Patrol, Bike Coop, Sustainability Centre, and Peer Help Centre. As the head of the SFUO Marketing Department, Kathryn leads all projects promoting the Federation. If you have a media inquiry for the Federation, then you should get in contact with Kathryn, because she serves as the spokesperson for the Federation. Kathryn also sits on the SFUO Board of Administration.


Axel Gaga

Vice President, University Affairs
613-562-5800 ext. 4074

As the VP University Affairs, Axel is responsible for overseeing the Federation’s relations with the community and the University of Ottawa administration. Axel manages the Student Rights Centre, a service that advocates on behalf of students and fights for their rights. Additionally, Axel is the lead organizer on campaigns run by the Federation and serves as the SFUO delegate to the Canadian Federation of Students. Axel manages the U-Pass program and also sits on all inter-university committees on academic issues that require SFUO participation. Lastly, Axel sits on the SFUO Board of Administration and chairs the University Affairs Roundtable, Governance Committee, and Campaigns Committee.



Vice President, Social

Please contact Hadi Wess (president@sfuo.ca) if you have any questions about the VP social portfolio.


Leila Moumouni-Tchouassi

Vice President, Equity
613-562-5800 ext. 4139

As the VP Equity, Leila is responsible for advocating for a safe, accessible, and equitable campus. This includes fighting for changes within both the student body and the university administration. Leila manages the five Service Centres that are classified as equity services, which are the Women’s Resource Centre, Centre for Students with Disabilities, Pride Centre, International House, and Bilingualism Centre. In addition to her equity work, Leila is also responsible for all SFUO Clubs. She manages club registration, the clubs website, and all other administrative tasks related to clubs.