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Educate, Agitate, Mobilize!

The SFUO the Campaigns Department is the back-bone of this federation. We present and REPRESENT the pressing issues that students fight for everyday. We represent equality, transparency, equity, fairness, advocacy, organization, and much more. Our number one priority is:

By the students, For the students, With the students.

We fundamentally believe that students who work together can shape our education, our campus, and our society. When we act collectively, anything is possible; there is strength in numbers.

The SFUO defends students’ interests at all levels of governance, and advocates for affordable education at the University of Ottawa and with both the federal and provincial governments.

As a students’ union, we are most effective when our members are actively engaged in campaigns that are reflective of student needs and realities.

The SFUO Campaigns Department aims to raise awareness about many different issues that impact students, such as:

  • Mental health awareness
  • Sexual violence prevention
  • Free and accessible education
  • Gender inclusivity
  • Combatting racism
  • Ableism and accessibility
  • Indigenous rights

This year we are also starting a request based campaign program which allows third parties to submit their ideas for which campaigns they would like to see on campus and these ideas are executed by the campaigns department.

Together, we can make a difference on this campus!