The University of Ottawa Student Emergency Response Team (UOSERT) is a levy-funded service of SFUO that provides 24/7 emergency medical coverage to students, faculty, and visitors to the university campus.




UOSERT’s responders are trained to a minimum standard of Red Cross First Responder.

They carry oxygen, airway management and trauma equipment. First Responders are trained to handle first aid emergencies and provide basic life support for traumatic injuries such as head/spine, chest/abdominal/pelvic, soft tissue injuries and medical emergencies in a pre-hospital setting.


What is a first responder?

“First Responder”, in the UOSERT context, refers to a person who has successfully completed the Canadian Red Cross’s 40 hour “First Responder” course. The course is comparable to that completed by municipal firefighters (in fact, many departments take the Red Cross course). First Responders are trained to provide basic life support pre-hospital care prior to paramedic arrival or to treat patients with less serious illnesses and injuries and discharge them without calling for paramedic back up




Interested in getting involved?

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