Prescription drugs and dental care are costly and are not covered by the government. The SFUO listened to student concerns and negotiated an affordable health plan tailored to meet your needs. Through the National Student Health Network, students across Canada have secured improved benefits and additional discounts so you don’t need to choose between textbooks and healthcare! See the details below to learn about your benefits, how to claim, or to enroll yourself or your spouse or children.

The Insurance coverage period is from September 1st 2017 – August 31st 2018.

NB : The list of students covered by the insurance is updated at the end of October, and claims cannot be made between September 1st and October 31st. It is therefore important that you keep all receipts for medical or dental services received between September 1st and the end of October, in order to submit the necessary claims to Greenshield. Your insurance is only activated once all your fall fees have been paid off. 

Who is automatically charged by the University for the insurance?

The only students automatically charged on their University of Ottawa – Statement of Account for the insurance are those taking 12 or more credits and are considered on-campus in the fall semester only.

If you were charged for the insurance, you will see on your Statement of Account: “SFUO Health Insurance – $104” and “SFUO Dental Insurance – $105”

*Please be advised of the following:

– If a student who was automatically charged for the insurance drops to part time before the last day to delete a course/activity and obtain a 100% financial credit then the insurance charge is reserved.

Can part-time students opt into the insurance?

Yes, part-time students may opt into the insurance. To do so, you will need to come to the office of the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa (UCU, 07) and fill out an opt in form and pay the associated cost.

The deadline to opt in for the Fall 2016 semester is September 30th.

The deadline to opt in for the Winter 2017 semester is February 17th.

Are dependents covered by this insurance?

No, dependents are not covered by the insurance. However, students may opt in dependents (spouse or children only), you will need to come to the office of the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa (UCU, 07) and fill out an opt in form and pay the associated cost.

The deadline to opt in dependents for the Fall 2016 semester is September 30th.
The deadline to opt in dependents for the Winter 2017 semester is February 17th.

Can students opt out of the insurance?

Students may opt out of the insurance if they have alternative coverage. This can only be done online by going to, selecting the “Statement of account and e-bills” (in the Finance category), then select “Opt Out”.  From there you can follow the instructions to opt out, make sure you receive a confirmation number and e-mail of your opt out.  If you don’t receive a confirmation number on screen as well as a confirmation email, you have not successfully opted out.

You can opt out starting on August 1st 2016.

The deadline to opt out is: September 30th 2016

Please be advised: there is no opt out period in the winter 2017 semester, and no exceptions can be made if you miss the deadline. 

The following organizations are responsible to the administration of the insurance plan.

  • SFUO is the policyholder and provides students with the health and dental plan and provides Claims forms and general information on the plan.
  • Greenshield is the insurance company and is responsible for the payment of claims.

The Health Insurance covers the following: prescription medication, professional services, vision care, medical items, emergency transportation, and travel insurance.

The Dental Insurance covers both basic services (such as a teeth cleaning) and comprehensive services (such as a root canal).

Benefits Booklet

Claims are to be filed electronically by the Pharmacist or Dentist.  You only have to pay what is not covered under the plan.  Your student number is your electronic direct pay certificate number.  Use the following prefix and your student number to claim:  UNV – student number-00.

A list of Dental and Vision clinics that can connect electronically to GSC is available here. These clinics also offer additional discounts to our members.

To file a paper claim for drug, accident or dental reimbursement, simply download the appropriate form from the SFUO website. If you are unable to download one of the forms from our web site, you can pick one up from the SFUO Office.

Students from Quebec that have RAMQ and the SFUO Greenshield Insurance please be advised:

Q – Can I have both insurances; RAMQ and SFUO (Greenshield Insurance)?

A- Yes, but the RAMQ insurance is the primary insurance, and the Green Shield Canada insurance is the secondary.  Therefore, all reimbursement requests must first be sent to RAMQ, and then sent to Green Shield Canada.

Q – May I opt out of my RAMQ medication insurance coverage?

A – The Quebec government does not consider the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa to be a “professional organization”, therefore, they do not allow students who reside in Quebec to opt out of the RAMQ medication insurance.

Please note that you do have the option of opting out of the SFUO Health coverage at the beginning of the fall semester.  However, be advised that if you do so, you will lose the other coverage offered under the SFUO health plan such as paramedical services, vision care and travel insurance.

The Health Insurance offered by the SFUO includes travel insurance from RSA Global Excel. The coverage is for a maximum of 90 days and only covers emergency services.

Travel Benefits Booklet

Travel Card

Travel Claim form

Student Dental Discount Network

A number of years ago, the member groups directed the staff of the NSHN to negotiate and launch the Student Dental Discount Network. The goal was to provide students with access to high quality dental services at discounted costs. Today, this program provides up to 30% discount on dental services. As a member of the SFUO Health Plan, you have access to almost 800 dentists across Canada, including over 30 dentists in the Ottawa area. We encourage our members to consult to locate participating dentists close to you.

Vision Discount Network

Currently, members of the Plan are eligible for the following discounts :

  • Bay Optical – 33% off the regular price of eyeglasses.
  • Sears Optical, LensCrafters or Pearle Vision store you can receive 30% off the regular retail price of a complete pair of prescription eyeglasses and 20% off the regular price of non-prescription sunglasses and eyewear accessories.
  • Zellers Vision Centres – an additional 10% discount above already “discounted” price packages.
  • LASIK MD – you are eligible to receive 10% discount off the price of laser vision correction (up to a maximum of $150 CDN); $200 CDN discount on any Zyoptix Custom LASIK procedure.
  • Loblaw Optical (new) – as part of the Loblaw program, SFUO members will receive a discount of 40% off all lenses and frames and 10% off all contact lenses. The following stores in the Ottawa area offer these discounts to-date and more will be added in the coming weeks:
  • Real Super Store (4270 Innes Rd.)
  • Loblaws (1980 Ogilvie Rd.)
  • Loblaws (1980 Baseline Rd.)
  • Loblaws (1460 Merivale Rd.)
  • Independent: (1251 Main Street, Stittsville)

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