Voters’ Corner

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Why should you vote?

There is no rule forcing you to vote – it is your right as a student, but it is not an obligation that you must fulfill. However, if you want to have an impact on the time you spend here at the University of Ottawa then voting is one of the best ways to make a difference.

Voting allows you to influence student services, policies, and campus life through the candidate(s) you vote for. The candidates you choose will go to work for you to make changes that will affect your student experience. Use your vote to select the best candidates who you believe offer the platform that align with your interests.

Who is eligible to vote?

Any member of the University of Ottawa students who has paid their SFUO fees and are enrolled for the current semester are eligible to vote. For more details please refer to:

electoral regulations

What should voters bring?

In order to cast a paper ballot a student will need to bring their valid student identification card OR a government issued photo ID. Under no circumstances may a student cast a paper ballot without at least one of these two items. No appeals on this matter will be considered. All paper ballots must be cast in the presence of at least one Elections SFUO staff.

Where can students go to place their votes on election day?  When will the elections take place?

The elections will take place according the timeline outlined on Appendix A throughout the school year.

Appendix A

On the day of the upcoming election there will be multiple polling stations all across campus from 9:30am – 7:00pm. You can go to the polling station that is closest to you to submit your ballot. Elections SFUO will have its team members at every poll station on campus to hand you your paper ballot with instructions on how to submit your votes.

Column 1 Location
 ARTS  Lobby
 FSS  Entrance
 MPT  Second floor
 CBY  Lobby
 LMX Lobby
 MRT  Second floor
 DMS Lobby
 Lees  Lobby
 RGN  Student lounge
 FTX 3rdfloor
 Marion Lobby
 SITE Cafeteria
 SCS  Lobby
UCU 0 Floor
UCU  1st floor

*Locations are subject to change


1 Creation Of The Independent Agency
2 Nominations And Candidacy
4 campaign expenses
5 Campaigning guidelines
6 Elections And Referenda logistics
7 Conduct
8 Penalties