Board Of Administration

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The Board of Administration oversees the affairs of the Federation and meets once a month to discuss issues relevant to students.

BOA meetings include monthly updates from SFUO Executives, a question period, and motions submitted by directors. The BOA also approves the Federation’s budget and annual auditor’s reports.

There are ten (10) faculties from which twenty-five (25)  faculty directors shall be elected to the Board of dministration:

a. Faculty of Arts
b. Faculty of Education
c. Faculty of Engineering
d. Faculty of Health Sciences
e. Faculty of Law, Common Law Section
f. Faculty of Law, Civil Law Section
g. Faculty of Medicine
h. Faculty of Science
i. Faculty of Social Sciences
j. Telfer School of Management

  • In addition, the BOA has an International Student representative and an Indigenous student representative.
  • All directors must be aged 18. No directors may serve on the Board for more than two years.
  • All directors must attend the twice a year General Assemblies. BOA members must be diligent to their responsibilities as a director fully outlined in the SFUO constitution


1 Creation Of The Independent Agency
2 Nominations And Candidacy
4 campaign expenses
5 Campaigning guidelines
6 Elections And Referenda logistics
7 Conduct
8 Penalties