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Welcome to the Elections SFUO website

Elections SFUO is the department of the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa (SFUO) that manages the annual By-Election in October and General Election in February. We are the sole body to administer the Federation’s Elections and Referenda. We work hard behind the scenes to manage the logistics behind running elections all across campus, which allows students to get involved and vote.

Our team is comprised of the Chief Electoral Officer (CEO), Chief Returning Officer (CRO), Poll Clerks, and the election promotions team. We have a talented group of individuals who are dedicated to serving members of the SFUO, while ensuring fairness, integrity, independence, transparency and accountability of the entire electoral process of any SFUO election.

At the head of our Elections SFUO team is the CEO who will ensure the electoral regulations are adhered to by all candidates, voters, and committees. When the regulations are respected by all parties then the integrity and fairness of elections will be sustained. When the electoral regulations are not followed, then penalties may ensue which can impact the outcome of an election such as the disqualification of a candidate.

If you’re interested in running as a candidate or learning more about how to vote, then you’re in the right place. You can explore our resources dedicated to voters and candidates alike.


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2 Nominations And Candidacy
4 campaign expenses
5 Campaigning guidelines
6 Elections And Referenda logistics
7 Conduct
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