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Important Dates

Fall Registration Period: August 11th – September 22nd 2017 at 4:00pm

Winter Registration Period: November 20th – January 19th 2018 at 4:00pm

How to register your club:


  1. Note that all Clubs are registering as new clubs for the 2017-2018 school year
  2. Read the SFUO Clubs Manual
  3. Read the Sample Clubs Budget
  4. Get 25 signatures via the Support form for SFUO Clubs
  5. Ensure that you have a bilingual version of your Club’s constitution and read the Sample Constitution
  6. Register your Club online



If you have any questions, please email


Frequently Asked Questions


The SFUO has over 250 different cultural, religious, political, social justice, philanthropic, recreational and academic Clubs.

The list of clubs will not be available until Clubs complete the registration process with the SFUO.  After Clubs register, then the SFUO will regularly post an updated list of all officially registered SFUO Clubs.

SFUO Clubs play a vital role in student life on campus. They reflect the great diversity of our student population at the University of Ottawa and serves as a centerpiece that brings together a multitude of students with similar interests, backgrounds and ambitions. 
For many students, particularly those of you entering the university community for the first time, clubs can be something of a home away from home, giving you the opportunity to make connections with people with whom you share things in common.

Our Clubs offer so much to students; among their many activities, they host guest lecturers, organize sport and ski trips, movie nights, hold cultural and religious celebrations, host and participate in different tournaments, organize awareness campaigns regarding political and social issues, and provide forums for discussion and socializing.

Do you have an initiative you would like to Starting a Club is a great way for you to form friendships with other dynamic individuals and do something you’re passionate about! There are many benefits of becoming an SFUO Club. You would have access to:

  • 15 free room bookings per semester for Club activities
  • Free multimedia bookings on the weekends
  • Your Club will be listed on the SFUO Clubs website

The Clubs committee is established, among other things, to review, approve or reject, requests by new Club applicants for certification.
The Clubs Committee shall be composed of the following members:

  • The Vice President Equity;
  • The Vice President Finance;
  • The Comptroller General of the Student Federation;


Clubs List

Club Name Category Website Email Facebook Show More
Club FeedMeeAcademic
#HashtagLunchbag OttawaPhilanthropic & Humanitarian
(OSURJ) University of Ottawa Science Undergraduate Research Journal Academic
1/5 Initiative (1in5 Initiative) Academic
101 ParentPhilanthropic & Humanitarian
A day in the life of...Philanthropic & Humanitarian
Action Against Hunger University of OttawaPhilanthropic & Humanitarian
Active SmilesPhilanthropic & Humanitarian
Afghan Student AssociationRecreational
Ahlul Bayt Student Association (ABSA)Philanthropic & Humanitarian
AKCSE uOttawaAcademic
Algerian Student AssociationPhilanthropic & Humanitarian
Anime ClubArts & Media
Armenian Students’ AssociationReligious/Cultural
Art of Living ClubPhilanthropic & Humanitarian
ASCENT University of OttawaAcademic
Ashmeen DhotRecreational
Asian Canadians\' Association OttawaRecreational
Association of Beninese Youth of Ottawa-GatineauReligious/Cultural
Association of Black Aspiring PhysiciansAcademic
Association of Ivorians studentsReligious/Cultural
Association of Nepalese StudentsReligious/Cultural
Autistic Students\' AssociationRecreational
Bboy (Breakdancing) ClubAthletic
Because I am a Girl- UOttawa Philanthropic & Humanitarian
Best Buddies University of Ottawa ChapterPhilanthropic & Humanitarian
Bioethics Society at uOttawaAcademic
Black Student Leaders Association (BSLA)Political & Social Justice
BLW OttawaPhilanthropic & Humanitarian
Book WormsPhilanthropic & Humanitarian
Brain Buddies OutreachAcademic
Breakfast Club Philanthropic & Humanitarian
Bridging Borders ClubPhilanthropic & Humanitarian
Burndian student club Recreational
Campus Cursive UOttawaArts & Media
Campus Vibez uOttawaArts & Media
CampusvibezUottawaPolitical & Social Justice
Canadian Asian Student\\\'s Association (CASA)Philanthropic & Humanitarian
Canadian Association for Research in Regenerative MedicineAcademic
Canadian Society for Epidemiology and Biostatistics - University of Ottawa Chapter (CSEB-UO)Academic
CapablePhilanthropic & Humanitarian
Caribbean Student AssociationReligious/Cultural
Catholic Christian OutreachRecreational
CAUSE Tutoring - UOttawa ChapterPhilanthropic & Humanitarian
Celebration! Students uOttawaReligious/Cultural
Chabad Student Network of Ottawa Recreational
Champions of Change- uOttawa Philanthropic & Humanitarian
Chemical Engineering Student Society of the University of Ottawa (ChESS)Academic
Chinese and English Bible Study GroupReligious/Cultural
Chinese Christian FellowshipAcademic
Church on WednesdayReligious/Cultural
Clean Up CancerPhilanthropic & Humanitarian
College Life Group (CLG)Recreational
Community Mentorship Program Political & Social Justice
Connecting Young Minds (CYM) Undergraduate Research ConferenceAcademic
Coptic Orthodox Youth AssociationPhilanthropic & Humanitarian
Cro-chez Moi! uOttawaArts & Media
Cure for Women and Children uOttawaPhilanthropic & Humanitarian
Cure the Curve Philanthropic & Humanitarian
Delta Delta DeltaFraternity & Sorority
Delta Phi Nu - OttawaFraternity & Sorority
Do It For Daron University of Ottawa ChapterPhilanthropic & Humanitarian
Dying With Dignity Canada University of Ottawa ChapterPolitical & Social Justice
Egyptian Student AssociationReligious/Cultural
Emmanuel OutreachReligious/Cultural
enLIGHT uOttawaAcademic
Equal VoicePolitical & Social Justice
Ethiopian Students\' AssociationReligious/Cultural
Ethnocultural minorities and cultural intelligence- faculty of education, UOttawaAcademic
Filipino Students Association of the University of OttawaPhilanthropic & Humanitarian
Franco-CathosPhilanthropic & Humanitarian
French Culture AssociationArts & Media
French Student Debate Society of the University of OttawaAcademic
Friends Around the WorldRecreational
Fundraising for CameroonPhilanthropic & Humanitarian
Game Development ClubArts & Media
Generation C OttawaPhilanthropic & Humanitarian
Generation ScrewedPolitical & Social Justice
GirlUp uOttawaPhilanthropic & Humanitarian
Goodlife On CampusReligious/Cultural
Graduate and Faculty Christian FellowshipReligious/Cultural
Haitian Students Club of the University of OttawaRecreational
Halal Investing Religious/Cultural
Health Sciences Networking AssociationAcademic
Heart 2 Heart: International Healthcare ReliefPhilanthropic & Humanitarian
Heart of the City Piano Program - uOttawa ChapterPhilanthropic & Humanitarian
Heart4HeartPhilanthropic & Humanitarian
Helping Hands uOttawaPhilanthropic & Humanitarian
Her Campus uOttawa Arts & Media
Hillel UofOReligious/Cultural
Humans Helping Humans Philanthropic & Humanitarian
I LOVE ME CAMPAIGNPhilanthropic & Humanitarian
iGEM uOttawa - University of Ottawa International Genetically Engineered MachineAcademic
Indian Student Federation of the University of Ottawa Religious/Cultural
Indigenous Students\' AssociationPolitical & Social Justice
Intercultural Dialogue Institute University of OttawaPhilanthropic & Humanitarian
Interdisciplinary Conference in Psychology (ICP)Academic
International Justice Mission UOttawaPolitical & Social Justice
International Relief Students\' AssociationPhilanthropic & Humanitarian
International Relief Students\\\\\\\' Association (IRSA)Philanthropic & Humanitarian
International Student Friendship ProgramRecreational
InterVarsity Christian FellowshipRecreational
Iraqi Student Association Religious/Cultural
Islamic Dawa Religious/Cultural
Israel On Campus UofOReligious/Cultural
Jack.Org uOttawa Philanthropic & Humanitarian
Jamming ClubRecreational
Japanese Enthusiasts Language Learning OrganizationAcademic
Kappa Beta GammaFraternity & Sorority
Latin American and Caribbean Student AssociationReligious/Cultural
Learning for CharityAcademic
Lebanese Cultural Club Philanthropic & Humanitarian
Malaysian Students Club OttawaAcademic
MealCarePhilanthropic & Humanitarian
MedX OttawaAcademic
Model United Nations AssociationPolitical & Social Justice
Moroccan Association of the University of Ottawa (MAJID)Religious/Cultural
Music Therapy ClubArts & Media
Muslim Law Students AssociationPhilanthropic & Humanitarian
National Student Commonwealth ClubPolitical & Social Justice
Netroots UottawaArts & Media
Nowruz Student Association Recreational
Nu Sigma PiFraternity & Sorority
Omega Phi SigmaFraternity & Sorority
Open TablePhilanthropic & Humanitarian
Operation Smile uOttawa Philanthropic & Humanitarian
Ottawa Alpha PhiFraternity & Sorority
Ottawa Christian Reformed Campus ChaplaincyPhilanthropic & Humanitarian
Ottawa Ismaili Student Association Philanthropic & Humanitarian
Pakistani Students’ AssociationReligious/Cultural
Palestinian Student AssociationPhilanthropic & Humanitarian
Pickthall Institute Academic
Power to Change Philanthropic & Humanitarian
Pre-Law Society Academic
Put A SmilePhilanthropic & Humanitarian
RÉFO\'s UO ClubPolitical & Social Justice
REMCN-Association of Malian students of the National Capital of CanadaAcademic
RESULTS UOTTAWAPhilanthropic & Humanitarian
Save a Child\\\'s Heart Student Foundation of OttawaPhilanthropic & Humanitarian
Serbian Student Club – University of OttawaReligious/Cultural
Sigma Beta PhiFraternity & Sorority
Sigma Chi - Lambda ThetaFraternity & Sorority
Sikh Student Association of the University of OttawaReligious/Cultural
Slackline UOttawaRecreational
Société étudiante de débats français de l\'Université d\'OttawaAcademic
Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights Political & Social Justice
SPIE, Student chapter at the University of OttawaAcademic
St. Albans Students Religious/Cultural
St. Joe\\\\\\\'s Student CommunityReligious/Cultural
Students For Mental Health AwarenessPhilanthropic & Humanitarian
Students of Ottawa Supporting the RoyalPhilanthropic & Humanitarian
Students Striving for ExcellenceAcademic
SwingUOArts & Media
TalkMusicArts & Media
Thaqalayn Muslim Association Religious/Cultural
The Broken Quill Writing SocietyRecreational
The Creative Permaculture SocietyArts & Media
The Dendrite: Academic Journal Club of uOttawaAcademic
The Dunamis ArmyReligious/Cultural
The NavigatorsReligious/Cultural
The Ottawa Hospital Foundation Student Club ( TOHFSC )Philanthropic & Humanitarian
The University of Ottawa Healthcare Symposium (UOHS)Academic
The University of Ottawa Pre-Dental ClubAcademic
Turkistan Student AssociationReligious/Cultural
UAEM UOttawaPolitical & Social Justice
UNICEF uOttawaPhilanthropic & Humanitarian
Unity for Action Philanthropic & Humanitarian
Unity for ActionPhilanthropic & Humanitarian
University of Ottawa Animal Rights AssociationPolitical & Social Justice
University of Ottawa Campus ConservativesPolitical & Social Justice
University of Ottawa Chinese Student AssociationAcademic
University of Ottawa Curling ClubAthletic
University of Ottawa English Improv GroupArts & Media
University of Ottawa Free Speech ClubPolitical & Social Justice
University of Ottawa Greek Council (UOGC)Fraternity & Sorority
University of Ottawa Healthcare SymposiumAcademic
University of Ottawa Heart Institute Student FoundationPhilanthropic & Humanitarian
University of Ottawa HOSAAcademic
University of Ottawa Italian AssociationAcademic
University of Ottawa Liberty in North KoreaPhilanthropic & Humanitarian
University of Ottawa Muslim Student AssociationPhilanthropic & Humanitarian
University of Ottawa NDPPolitical & Social Justice
University of Ottawa Nigerian Student AssociationRecreational
University of Ottawa Nursing Pinning CommitteeAcademic
University of Ottawa Outdoors ClubRecreational
University of Ottawa Provincial Young LiberalsPolitical & Social Justice
University of Ottawa Racquet club Athletic
University of Ottawa Recreational Badminton ClubAthletic
University of Ottawa Sailing ClubAthletic
University of Ottawa Ski and Snowboard ClubRecreational
University of Ottawa Somali Student AssociationReligious/Cultural
University of Ottawa Squash CLubAthletic
University of Ottawa Student Chapter of OSAAcademic
University of Ottawa Tamil Students\\\' UnionReligious/Cultural
University of Ottawa Tennis ClubAthletic
University of Ottawa Triathlon ClubAthletic
University of Ottawa Water and Wastewater SocietyAcademic
University of Ottawa wrestling clubAthletic
UO Medical Sciences AssociationAcademic
UO Neuroscience ClubAcademic
UOSalsaArts & Media
uOttawa Behavioral Economics and Self-Growth ClubAcademic
uOttawa Billiards ClubRecreational
uOttawa Black Medical Student AssociationPolitical & Social Justice
uOttawa Dance Club Recreational
uOttawa DIY ClubArts & Media
UOttawa Environmental Science AssociationRecreational
UOttawa Epilepsy Society Philanthropic & Humanitarian
uOttawa eSportsRecreational
UOttawa Field Hockey Club Athletic
uOttawa Film SocietyArts & Media
uOttawa GreensPolitical & Social Justice
uOttawa Interprofessional Health AssociationAcademic
UOttawa Lifesaving ClubAthletic
uOttawa Mental Health Awareness SocietyPhilanthropic & Humanitarian
uOttawa OverwatchArts & Media
uOttawa Pre Dental Club Academic
UOttawa Quidditch ClubAthletic
Uottawa Sikh Student Association Religious/Cultural
uOttawa Smash BrosRecreational
uOttawa Sports Business ClubAthletic
UOttawa Supporting Red CrossPhilanthropic & Humanitarian
UOttawa Table Tennis ClubAthletic
uOttawa TaekwondoAthletic
uOttawa Vegetarian and Vegan ClubPhilanthropic & Humanitarian
uOttawa\'s Students Advancing Brain Cancer ResearchPhilanthropic & Humanitarian
VIDA Volunteer 2019Philanthropic & Humanitarian
Wargaming and Roleplaying SocietyRecreational
WE - uOttawa Chapter Philanthropic & Humanitarian
Women in Science and EngineeringAcademic
WUSC (World University Service of Canada) uOttawa Local CommitteeAcademic
Xi Delta Theta SororityFraternity & Sorority
Zeta Theta Xi Fraternity & Sorority