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Semaine 101 Week

You only have one 101!

101 Week is the official uOttawa orientation week - meet new friends, get to know campus and Ottawa, enjoy fun events such as headliner concerts, and compete in challenges for sweet prizes!



We recommend purchasing a Faculty kit from your federated body (your faculty’s student association). Two key benefits are: 1) You’ll meet people in the same faculty and programs as you, and 2) you’ll able to participate in more events.

If your Faculty kit has sold out, you can still buy a SFUO kit. This kit gives you access to all SFUO events including popular events like the opening concert!

SFUO kit

The Faculty kit alternative
  • Entry to all your faculty’s events
  • Entry to all SFUO events
  • A laundry bag filled with fabulous swag!
Get Your Kit Now



When and where can I buy my 101 Week Kit?
Faculty kit sale locations vary – please consult your federated body’s website. SFUO 101 Week kits can be purchased at the SFUO main office at 85 University Private (Jock Turcot University Centre, UCU), room 07 on September 3rd and 4th from 10:00 to 16:00.
What do I do if there are events scheduled during my classes?
We always recommend attending your classes. Luckily, most classes during 101 Week are a quick introduction to the course and the syllabus. Additionally, DGDs and labs do not run during the first week of classes.
I have a disability that might make it difficult for me to participate in some events. What accommodations are available to me?
We strive to create accessible environments where everyone can participate. If you require any accommodations, please contact the organizer of the event or, for SFUO events, please contact the  vp.social@sfuo.ca and/or the Centre for Students with Disabilities at csd@sfuo.ca
Will food and beverages be provided during 101 Week?
No. Food and drinks are not provided by event organizers. Food and beverages can be purchased on campus, at nearby stores, or at Shinerama BBQs.
My friend is buying a different kit. Will I get to see them during 101 Week?
In all likelihood you will have plenty of opportunities to participate with your friend as there are many events in which students of all faculties attend.
Can I still buy a kit after kit sales officially end?
Absolutely! For information about the availability of Faculty kits, please get in touch with your federated body. For information on the availability of SFUO kits, please come by the main office at 85 University Private (Jock Turcot University Centre), room 07 or contact us at 613-562-5966.
Will alcohol be served during 101 Week? What if I don’t want to drink it?
Alcohol is available for purchase at 18+ events; the presentation of a valid photo I.D is required. Alternative “dry” events are run for every event where alcohol is served.
What’s the difference between 101 Week and Welcome Week?
Welcome week is organized by the University of Ottawa administration and includes information sessions, a president’s brunch, and other events. 101 Week is organized by the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa (SFUO) and is the official orientation week for new students, which includes numerous social activities and events.
I’m from Ottawa, should I still attend 101 Week?
101 Week is an amazing opportunity, regardless of where you’re from! It’s a great opportunity to meet new people, get to know our campus, and have a great time!
If you have any additional questions, feel free to drop by our main office at 85 University Private (Jock Turcot University Centre), room 07 or call us at 613-562-5966 for more information!



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